Monday, July 1, 2013

The Process of Dawn to Dusk Writing

Why is my writing blog titled "Dawn to Dusk Writing"?

Was I just trying to come up with a rhythmic name?

Was I having problems finding a blog name that wasn't already taken?

Do I believe in the validity of the blog name?

Yes, to all three. I've gone through a few blogs and a few blog names, but this blog, with this blog name is sticking. Why? Because writing is unlike so many other hobbies. To write and write well, you must have the mindset of writing, from dusk to dawn.

Writing is fully immersive. That's why it's so hard for so many of us. When you are writing well (actually paying attention to your writing), you can't carry on a decent conversation with the family member next to you. You can't watch your favorite TV program. You can barely listen to background music. At least, I know this is true for me.

Now, I'm not saying that to write well you have to write in a silent room locked away from everything and everyone. No, I do believe there is some value in multitasking abilities. After all, in today's times, multitasking is a built-in mandatory requirement.

What I am saying is that writing takes dedication. It's harder than simply watching TV. It's more demanding than a light conversation with friends. It takes more dedication and passion than video games.

So, when you write, keep that in mind. Think about the reason behind your writing. Do you want to write well or do you just want to write?

If it is the latter, keep watching that TV when you write. You may be able to call yourself a writer, but ask yourself: How can I write the best that I possibly can? Strive for your ideal state to write in. Your readers and your bank account will thank you when you publish.