About Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming is the author of Poked and Prodded, Protect Whom?, The Cholorza Outbreak and multiple short stories. His writing reflects the complexities of human nature and motivations.

He lives a comfortable life in the midwest. With an interest in English, science, math, music and art, Brian's literature reflect a variety of character occupations and social controversies.

Brian always looks forward to hearing from readers and fellow writers.

You may contact him on:

Twitter- brianefleming


  1. The link from your old site is broken. It points to "FROMdawntoduskwriting.blogspot..." instead of the proper "dawntodusk...." link. Just an FYI.

    I got to your old site from a post you made on the paleotool bow post. Are you still making a bow? I'm in NW Iowa, I don't know what side of Nebraska you are on, or if you're even still in Nebraska, but if you're on the Eastern side, and you need a tool making buddy, I'm seriously interested. Seriously lacking in tools.. but interested.:-D

  2. Yes, I did make a longbow out of two 2'6" osage orange bow staves. I'm pleased because it works very well (up to 30 yards that is)! I'm in western Nebraska, closer to Colorado, so unfortunately, I don't know if you'd be up for a long drive out here, but it's cool that you are interested. I didn't have many tools at all and I was able to create the bow just fine.

    Are you interested in making your own paletooled bow? I can definitely help you over e-mail and/or Skype if you are!